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Betty Shin Binon- Tasting board experience.
Add some life to your charcuterie boards with Betty of Stems and Forks. Her Asian-inspired food boards bring out the complexity of Apothic and will have your guests coming back for thirds (that’s right...thirds).

Turn those casual get togethers into nights everyone will talk about for years, with Apothic Red Class.

Bringing you tips on everything from style and decor, to making a beautiful spread that will leave your foodie friends speechless.

Whether you want to celebrate life or upgrade your lifestyle, watch our video series to learn from experts in fashion, food, and setting the mood.

Aram Eginliyan dress code recoded.

An elevated occasion calls for an elevated look. Image consultant Aram will help you curate an outfit as smooth as the night ahead.

Date night done right with julie and megan

Add a fun spin to date night with Megan and Julie of Out in Nature. Transform your space so those night’s in are full of possibility!

woman in a kitchen

Add a sweet twist to your food board with photographer and cookbook author Julia. With her selection of rich cheeses, decadent chocolates, and fresh fruits…you’ll run out before you have any for yourself.

woman with a glass of wine behind candle light

Make your home “get-together-ready” with Pria of Black Label Designs. She’ll show you how to use lighting, decor, and some creative rearranging to completely transform your space. Those casual nights in are about to get a lot swankier.

Gabriel Assaf in dress code recoded.

Striking the right balance between glamour and comfort is no easy task. Fashion photographer Gabrielle highlights trends and evergreen looks so you’re always photo-ready.

Woman with a glass of wine

Mark the night with incredible photos, courtesy of Vanessa Tam. This Vancouver-based photographer will teach you how to take professional-grade photographs with just your smartphone. All you have to do is make it a night worth remembering.

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